Atwood Tactical Whistle

Whistle in Stainless Steel
Each Atwood Tactical Whistle is turned from a solid bar of grade 303 stainless steel. The whistles measure 2.5" long and .5" in diameter and feature a black DelrinŽ reed insert for long life. Virtually impervious to the elements, these tools are guaranteed to last your lifetime and beyond. They deliver a clear sharp ear splitting blast that can be easily heard over the wind or other sources of noise. An essential safety and survival tool for hikers, boaters and urban dwellers, these whistles belong on every keychain. They make an excellent and thoughtful gift as well.

I tried a measurement with a handheld decibel meter and the whistles were pushing about 108. Your mileage may vary, but that's pretty darned loud!

All whistles are discontinued.
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Price: $35
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