Keychain Edition Prybaby XL

This is a variation of the standard CPM 154 premium cutlery steel PrybabyŽ design but with a twist...This is NOT an "extra large" PrybabyŽ but rather an "extra leverage" tool! Features a bend near the tip for extra leverage and for getting into those tight spots. Doesn't ride quite as flat with your keys as the standard model but it does give you quite a bit more prying power. Generous scallops on the top of the tool provide a comfortable resting area for the thumb and help give more tactile control.

This batch is 2 7/8" long by just under an inch wide. It is 10% smaller than a full sized Prybaby. The stock is 5/32" thick so it is quite chunky. SOLD OUT.

Discontinued and replaced with updated G2 Prybaby.
Price: $55
Shipping: $5 for first item
and$1 for each additional item