What can you use a PrybabyŽ for?

Partial list of possible uses for a PrybabyŽ:

1. opening beer bottles
2. opening paint cans and the like
3. popping through the tape on boxes with the corner of the forks
4. opening a stuck desk drawer
5. prying a stuck cartridge from a breech
6. scraping paint
7. removing dirt and gravel between boot or tire treads
8. wedging open small split rings when attaching to gadgets
9. prying apart nailed boards and moldings
10. removing staples and brads
11. removing picture hooks
12. wedging doors open
13. prying up hinge pins
14. using corner of the forks for a makeshift phillips driver
15. using the forks to strip speaker wire
16. using the forks to strike a fire rod
17. using the end as a flat screwdriver
18. squishing ticks to death
19. prying open stuck windows
20. using the forks to bend wire or thin metal
21. removing a tack from the bottom of your shoe
22. sever monofilament line with the V-notch
23. opening stubborn pistachio shells
24. Opening stubborn clasps or pocket knives
25. Depressing tire valves to release air.
26. As an impromptu hoof pick for horsemen.
27. Golfer's divot repair tool.
28. Military uses:
Kevlar helmet modifications (installing the Oregon Aero suspension
upgrade, anything requiring the screws on the helmet to be
Installing the Surefire helmet light mount to the helmet
Installing and assisting in threading of MALICE clips
Removing MALICE clips (pressing in on the tab to unlock them)
29. Breaking up ice cubes that are stuck together.
30. Removes ticks with the V notch.
31. Separate items that are stuck together.
32. Adjusting sliding vents on stoves and fireplaces
33. Removing stickers and tape
34. Cutting plastic strings on garment price labels.

Your use could go here.
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