Long Skeeter

One of a Kind Mike Norris Gator pattern stainless steel damascus neck knife. This one is a little longer than previous Skeeters at 3.75" OAL. The stock is thicker too, measuring 5/32 thick. The cord wrapped handle adds some girth and makes it a nice piece to held and use. I left the dark just etched coloring on this piece. Comes with a kydex sheath set up for keychain carry, can drill it for beaded chain on request.


I get tons of emails on this one knife for some reason. Thank you so much for the interest but it was strictly a one off, one of a kind type piece and I am not planning on making any more of them. However, keep checking the site and sending me emails as I am always working on other damascus pieces. Lately they have been averaging a couple per week so if you really want one there is a very good chance to score something if you stay on me. :)
Price: $SOLD
Shipping: $7 for first item
and$2 for each additional item