Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take credit card orders over the phone? No, I can only take credit cards through the shopping cart on the site. If the item is in stock you may order it. Paypal is the processor of my credit card orders so it may appear on your statement as simply �Paypal� rather than with my name.

2. Do I ship overseas? Yes, I do ship just about everywhere.

2. Do I give discounts or group buy prices? I only offer discounts to my dealers and there are only a small number of them. My output is very limited and even the dealers are never able to get all they want. If I were just a middleman it might be different but I design the items, create them, make them, answer emails and the phone, do the books and do all the shipping.

3. Will I make items for you out of your bar of damascus? I�m sorry, but I only work with my own damascus that I have procured.

4. Will I take orders for damascus items? The damascus stuff is where I play around and make items that I feel like doing. I don�t want to be constrained in any way and so I do not like to take orders for damascus items.

5. Will I make you something from your drawing? I can�t do it unfortunately. I am not able to accept any custom orders at this time. If you�ll notice I have dozens of different items and I am only one guy. So I just can�t get to the custom stuff.

6 Is that you in the picture above? No, but what a great shirt! :D

7. Do I accept preorders or payment in advance? No, I do not take preorders or advance payments. Having 150 boxes lying around waiting for me to finish stuff up would be a recipe for disaster and would make it very confusing around here. Plus, if I decide not to make something again, if I have taken an advance order I now must do it anyway. I don't work that way. Also, if time goes by and the items still have not been made customers tend to get cranky. I have seen way too many makers get into trouble because of long delivery times. So I don't do it period, keeps everyone out of trouble.