Discontinued List

Following is a partial list of items that I am no longer producing. I get lots of emails from people asking for these and so I thought I'd just put them out there and save everyone a lot of typing. Some of the things I may make again but for the time being they are officially discontinued. BTW, it isn't necessarily the case that they didn't sell well or weren't popular but I just can't make every item all the time so some things will have to end. Time to move on to the next batches of cool stuff!

1. Spannerbabies
2. Pop n Chops
3. Tanto Goblins
4. Raw Bar finishes on any tools
5. Wedgies
6. Long Skeeters
7. Large and Small TTs
8. Whistles with Stones
9. Titanium Keytons
10. Folding Knives of any kind
11. Ti Poppers
12. Atwood Knifemaking Videos
13. KeyRambits
14. Keykutters