Bottle opening multi tool.
O-ring system holds the 1" tool bit in place.
O-ring provides tension keeping the bit from falling out.
The BottleBug tool features a 1/2" wrench opening in the bottle opener area and a small pry tip/screwdriver. Made of .160" thick (5/32") CPM 154 semi stainless premium cutlery steel, bead blast finish, and measures 3 inches long.

One of the things I like about this series is that you can store any standard one inch long 1/4" hex bit that you want. So if you want Phillips you can have it. Square drive, Torx in any size, 1/8" hex if you want one for your Strider pivot, tamper proof bits of all kinds. There are literally dozens to choose from but I will be supplying a nice USA made #1 Phillips with these.

The O rings keep the bit plenty snug and the bit is accessible from either side so the tool is ambidextrous. The last O ring partially covers the 1/4" hex opening and so when you stick the bit in the hole, again from either side, the tension from the O ring holds it in and keeps it from falling out on the floor.
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Price: $60
Shipping: $7 for first item
and$1 for each additional item