Flat Titanium Gasbaby Tropical

One per customer please!

These make a very nice wallet tool or ultralight keychain piece. Also great to have in a day planner or check book. Made of .060 thick titanium, this thin version of the Gasbaby offers much of the same function and is slightly beefier than previous flat tool offerings. Because of the increased thickness I decided to give these light grinds on both ends to further increase the potential usefulness of them. Features include bottle opener, light pry tip, light duty screwdriver tip, 1/4" wrench and hex bit holder, oxygen wrench, acetylene wrench and 3/8" wrench.

This batch is anodized with my Tropical finish. Due to the labor intensiveness and small batch size these are limited to one per customer please!
Sold Out, Thanks!
Price: $45
Shipping: $5 for first item
and$1 for each additional item