Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy: We do not collect any personal information on any page of this site. However, if you choose to press the "Buy Now" button after putting an item in your shopping cart the information about the item you want to order will be sent to PayPal. PayPal will collect the personal information necessary to complete your transaction and may also harvest other information which they may use in accordance with their policies, but which they do not share with us.

After PayPal sends us the information we need to process your order we retain that information for our business and accounting needs. We will never sell or share the information about you they send us.

In the case of an extraordinary event concering our business we may contact you using the email address you submitted to PayPal when you ordered from us. We do not send out newsletters or solicitations to buy, and haver never yet emailed anything to our past customers but we do reserve the right to do so. If you don't want us to have your email address, do not order from us.